Lidija Petrovna

15This is Lidia Petrovna from the town of Mariinka. Her house is on the brink of the town, close to the front line of war.

On the video you can see that there are wooden planks in her windows instead of glass. There is no sense in putting glass in it – the constant shooting and shelling will not make glass last long.

Other than fighting and bombing and shelling the main problem is fuel for heating house during winte27r time.

You, the donors of KHUB, bought 1 ton of black coal for her. It takes somewhere between 3 and 5 tons of coal for whole winter time.

We continue to help her and others. We hope that the next time we will bring the rest of necessary coal.

One thing we want to point out is that it was challenging to find a transporter to deliver coal to her house – not every one is ok to drive that close to the frontline.

Because of you, Lidia will be able to heat her home this winter.

Huge thank you from Lidia Petrovna for help in purchasing, delivery and packing necessary remaining 2 tons of coal for heating of her house. This should be enough for entire season. This time it was especially needed to pack all the coal into bags because she has troubled neighbors; and to leave the coal outside would’ve been dangerous, it needed to be brought down to the basement. Thanks every one for participation!
P.S. Special thanks to social worker Oksana, the driver and the loaders. When they were about to finish unloading coal the shooting started in Mariinka. Never the less they left only after finishing the work.
P.P.S On the 3rd pic you can see the leftovers of the destroyed nearby house at the background.

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