How It Works:
Baking Cakes To Save Lives.

1. You can donate baking ingrediants to the bakery. We need your reciept so that we can follow the directives of the health department and track ingrediants when they are used.

2. Donate directly or order something yummy to save lives in Ukraine. YOU are saving lives.

3. We bake divinely delicious cakes, breads, cupcakes, pastries and more.

4. Your donation goes directly from Texas to Ukraine. We use these funds to help the people that live in the war zone and orphans in need.

5. Volunteers come to wash dishes, bake, help decorate, and help organize.

6. Watch videos of people we’ve been able to help. Check out our YouTube channel.

7. We are growing exponentially! If you’d like to be a monthly contributor to KHUB, you can call us at 806-220-8115 and we will get that set up for you or if you would like to make a one time donation you can go to:

8. We need you! Please share with your friends and consider becoming a monthly contributor. Check out our Facebook page. It’s a huge blessing to serve our community and at the same time serve those effected by war in Ukraine.

9. YOU ARE KIND HOUSE! You helped orphans and heated 170 homes from 2018 to 2022, rescued 2,000 people out of the harshest areas of Ukraine and brought them to safety in 2022, built a kitchen that feeds over 400 children and hundreds of adults weekly in 2023.

10. Stay informed by visiting our Reports page