July 2021

Propane tank for a family.

Today we brought a propane tank and a rack to a family that lost their house and now has to live at their mother’s place. Currently they cook using electricity which is very expensive. Since today they will be able to use gas. Thank you all for your care!

Medicine for Lyubov.

Lyubov got a stroke. Plus she has diabetes which causes severe inflamation on her foot. Government provided her a temporary place in a shelter wehere she would be treated. But in order to be placed there she needed medicine to be treated with. Which is very expensive for Lyubov. Today we brought her this medicine. …

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Nina Andreevna

Nina Andreevna lost two of her sons and her husband died before the war. It’s difficult to live alone in such age. Today we brought her a washing machine since her old one was broken and some expensive medicine. Thank you all for your care!