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Kind House Ukraine Bakery 
Will you help spread the word about Kind House? In 2019, we provided help to orphans and those in need as we as heated thirty-three homes in the war zone of Ukraine. We would like to help many more people and heat many many more homes.  
Will you share what we do at KHUB, tell people about the bakery, or consider becoming a monthly supporter? 
Here is our lastest video that shows the past two winters along with the work we do in the summer: https://youtu.be/hNIHJfpffV8 
Consider becoming a monthly supporter to help save and improve lives in the war zone of Ukraine. ❤

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Numbers Speak For Themselves!

KHUB heated 19 homes in the war zone of Ukraine in 2018

KHUB heated 33 homes in the winter of 2019

We have over 5,000 followers, donors, and contributors helping to the save lives of the elderly and disabled people who by providing coal in the fall & winters, medicine and essential needs in the Spring & Summers

These are volunteers. They help organize, bake, decorate and offer their talents in many ways. Consider calling and offering your support and talents to KHUB


Donors both mail and place donations on KHUB’s porch on a weekly basis.

Products needed at KHUB