Hello and welcome to KHUB!

There are a variety of ways to contribute to saving lives in Ukraine! We ask that you NOT limit your thinking to expect that you will have to bake, decorate or create something that you don’t feel you are qualified for. We will teach you EVERYTHING in a step by step SAFE atmosphere surrounded by other volunteers who also learned just like you!

The first step would be to come to the bakery (if possible) and take a tour. Shoot us a text at 806-220-8115 so we can get you ready to go.

The second step would be to get your Texas Food Handler’s License. You can google this and it is around $7. You will need to bring this with you the first time you volunteer.

You might not want to volunteer directly at the bakery and there are definitely ways you can help. Either way, text 806-220-8115 so we can get you started.