Coal for kindergarden

This time we were able to bring coal for a local kindergarden which will be enough until the heating season. Because of some beurocratical reorganization of the community there were some difficulties for the kindergarden administration with finding coal. Good that we had a chance to help. Thank you all for your care!


Tatiana lost one of her son and her mother in a house fire. She is not old enough to be retired and because of the health problems she can’t work. So she lives of 50$ a month wellfare. This time we brought her coal which was a huge help for her. Later we’ve brought her …

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Coal for Galina.

You might remember Galina from our previous videos where we brought her coal, paid for the eye surgery and brought walkers. In this episode we’re bringing her coal for which she is extremely thankful. Thank you all for your care!

Strichka Family

Unfortunately since our last visit Vasyl has almost completely lost his sight because of the consequences of stroke. But the family tries to hold on and keep going. Thank you all for your care!