Coal for Lyubov.

Today we have brought coal to Lyubov. After the last time we saw her she has had a stroke. Ever sinc she has lost some mobility. We hope she will get better soon. Thank you all for your care!


Thank you all for helping Nadezhda once again. Since the last time we visited her she had fallen and injured her arm. Thank you for helping her with coal!

How is Polina doing?

Today we have visited Polina to check on her to find out how is she doing. For those who missed previous episodes – we raised money to pay for her surgery to stretch her leg which he has shorter from her birth. Thank you all for your care!

Boiler for Natalia.

You rememeber this single mom called Natalia from our previous episodes. She is moving back to her apartment after minor restoration of it caused by shelling. We bought her electrical boilier so she can have warmth in her apartment and hot water. Raising her daugter alone it was huge help. And she is extremely thankful! …

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