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Hello and welcome to Kind House. If you have gotten this far into our website and have found our blog, you might already know a little about us. Kind House Ukraine Bakery is a registered nonprofit in Amarillo, TX, USA that works to generate funds and to communicate information about the need for funds to help orphans graduating out of the system, and to help people effected by the war in Ukraine. 

We have two locations, the first is in Ukraine where Dmitry Pashchencko organizes and works to fill the needs for medicine, repairs to homes struck by the war, and to improve the lives of those in need in Ukraine. 

I am Glenda Moore of Amarillo, TX and I run the bakery and main workings of fundraising for the nonprofit in Texas. The bakery is our main source of funding at this time. We do have monthly contributors and we hope to continue in this direction in order to create a sustainable organization that will continue provide humanitarian aide in the years to come. 

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