Tat’jana Evgen’evna

Tatiana Yevgenievna, 66 y.o. She lives with her mom Nadezhda Illarionovna, 91 y.o. On some pictures you can see the holes in the fence – they are holes from artillery shrapnel. Currently her mother is in the hospital of the town of Kurakhovo after a blood-stroke. Tatiana has a cardiac pacemaker. Also she has cancer. They planned to move Nadezhda to her younger daughter (Tatiana’s sister) after she gets out of the hospital to another town. Because Nadezhda can’t walk without other people’s help and her daughter Tatiana couldn’t keep the house temperature high enough for a immobile person. Now that they were given coal she will come back to Mariinka to her daughter Tatiana after she gets out of the hospital. Thanks to all for participation!

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