Elena Ivanovna

Hi, everyone!
Elena Ivanovna, 80 y.o. A widow. She lives with her son Yevgeniy Valentinovich, 50 y.o. He is on disability, 1st category. He can’t walk. On the 9th of June 2017 there was an artillery shelling. Yevgeniy and his wife were wounded. Ever since Yevgeniy is in a wheelchair, his wife is still on rehabilitation in a hospital. Yevgeniy was taken to his mother’s place for care. Elena retirement payments 1820 UAH (65$) per month. Yevgeniy’s welfare payments 2105 UAH (76$) per month, part of his money he sends to the hospital for his wife’s rehabilitation. Elena and Yevgeniy are very grateful to you for the coal! Thanks everyone for participation!

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