Alla Ivanovna

Alla Ivanovna, 78 y.o. Lives alone. Her husband died in 2014 because of the heart attack that happened during an artillery shelling. She can barely hear. She has hypertension. Usually she doesn’t walk further than her yard. Had a stroke. Has coronary heart disease. Thanks to all for participation!  

Lidia Yakovlevna

Lidia Yakovlevna and her husband Nikolay Pavlovich live not in their house. They rent this one because their house has been destroyed because of the shelling happened in 2014. After this shelling Lidia has a pinched sciatic nerve, she has major problem with movement. This can’t be cured. Another problem she has is chronic pancreatitis. …

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Galina Prokofievna

Galina Prokofievna, 85 y.o. Lives alone. Lost her daughter who died because of cancer. Chronic pancreatitis, coronary heart disease. She has problems with hearing and moving. Retirement payments are 1820 UAH (65$) per month. How thankful she is for the coal you can see on the video. And it’s all thanks to your help! Thanks …

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Larisa Semenovna

Thanks for the smile of this lady. Larisa Semenovna, 90 y.o. Lonely person. Lost two of her sons. Stomach ulcer. Moves with difficulty. Retirement payment is 1880 UAH (67$) per month. Pictures will be tomorrow. Thanks everyone for participation!

Vera Petrovna

This is the first delivery in the village of Kodema. 5 km from the frontline. Vera Petrovna, 71 y.o. She lives alone, her husband died 2 years ago. Her daughter with a grandson live in Svetlodarsk which is 15 km away. Vera’s problems with health are: varicose veins, problems with blood vessels and diabetes. Most …

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Tatiana Leonidovna

This particular case is interesting by the fact that this lady actually had to leave her house because situation with coal was critical. She was hosted by some other people because she simply had nothing to heat up her house with. And now since she had coal delivered to her she can finally move back …

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Antonina Iosifovna

“Thank you for not letting me freeze this winter…” that’s what she said. Thank you all for helping another person with heating her house. Antonina Iosifovna, 81 y.o. She lives alone. Retirement payment is 1640 UAH (59$) per month. Atherosclerosis, heart failure, cardiosclerosis, coronary heart disease. Moves around only with a help of cane. There …

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Olga Efimovna

Olga Yefimovna, 78 y.o. Suffered a stroke. By now she practically almost doesn’t move. She lives with her daughter Lyudmila Viktorovna, 45 y.o. Daugter is on disability, 2nd catergory. Cancer patient. Suffered 10 chemoterapies, 22 radiations and 1 operation. She has metastases. In fact there is situation when cancer patient takes care of her immovable …

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