Elena Ivanovna

Hi, everyone! Elena Ivanovna, 80 y.o. A widow. She lives with her son Yevgeniy Valentinovich, 50 y.o. He is on disability, 1st category. He can’t walk. On the 9th of June 2017 there was an artillery shelling. Yevgeniy and his wife were wounded. Ever since Yevgeniy is in a wheelchair, his wife is still on …

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Marija Ivanovna

Maria Ivanovna, 78 y.o. Disabled 2 category. Retirement payment 1740 UAH (62$ per month). Mikhail Ivanovich, 83 y.o. Missing one eye. Retirement payment 1858 UAH (66$ per month). They live in the frontline Mariinka, Ukraine. They used to have to adopted children who died. No grandchildren. Alone. They are very grateful to all of you …

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This is Alexander. Little less than 50 y.o. Lives alone in frontline Mariinka. He has been on disability since he was a child. He was living with his mother here but she died sometime before 2014 when the war began. He doesn’t fall under any category to be helped. Like most of the aged people …

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Nastja 2

We bought sight glasses to Nastya (who you already know) the former orphan who is studying in University which she needed. Thanks to all for participation.


Another good news from Samira ex-orphan from Kramatorsk. A new couch has been bought to her apartment. Soon she will move in. Thanks to all for participation.