A TV for a children’s room

Today we have helped to equip a children’s room with a TV in a church house at the frontline town of Mariinka. There children gather and have some time together. It is especially needed during winter time when it’s cold. Thank you all for your care!

Elena and her son Maxim.

Elena is taking care of her disabled son Maxim. She can’t work because she dedicates all her time to him. It was much easier for them when her husband was alive. Since November he is gone. This coal was big help for her and Maxim. Thank you all for your care!

Coal for Galina.

Galina is a former librerian. She lives right near the front line. Good thing that she is visited by some volunteers and activists. We glad that we had a chance to participate in her life by bringing her coal. She said “I won’t forget you until I die”. Thank you all for your care!